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We worked closely with Shurooq’s development and investment teams to re-conceptualize its corporate website and transform it into a digital investment tool providing real-time data. The site has become an indispensable gateway for promoting the city of Sharjah as a prime investment and tourism destination.

World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment

In 2015, Shurooq was the host sponsor of The World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment. As part of its participation, it has acquired a double-page spread in the conference publication. I was assigned to come up with a fresh, innovative campaign that presents Sharjah as a compelling investment destination.

Campaign concept

It starts with asking a simple question; Want the facts before making an investment decision? And follows it with an invitation to explore Sharjah; Come to know Sharjah first.

The messaging of the ad, asks readers to visit the website and place their phone over the magazine. After visiting the site, the users were able to swipe through to read different facts and statistics about Sharjah – statistics and pieces of data. Behind the words, there was a video playing, adding an element of motion to the static image. For instance, in this example, we could show a moon rising or an airplane flying by.

After viewing the facts, the user can then access Shurooq’s official website to find out more information about investing in Sharjah. 


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MBLM Dubai

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