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Defining and creating a solution

Virgin Mobile launched a new digital mobile service (App & SIM) in the United Arab Emirates. The innovative service differentiates itself from other conventional mobile phone operators by introducing a highly scalable and customisable package and number, also allowing the activation of the service from anywhere – home/office/store (SIM accessibility & delivery).

Working together with Virgin Mobile, we have been tasked to define and create compelling experience design solutions across different retail formats to drive awareness, increase sales and help with the brand’s operation in physical locations.

As with any new product launch, Virgin Mobile had a list of its own unique key challenges to address. We started the project by defining the following design goals to inform our approach:

1 – Attract, Engage and Enable the customer
2 – Pick up the SIM, Collect information and Verify the user
3 – Demonstrate Customisation and Control
4 – Help shoppers understand the core product benefits
5 – Deliver a solution that is “Witty, Simple and Exuberant”. Aligned with the mobile brand platform

Introducing solutions by shoppers mindset.

0 – Attracted by proposition messaging, the user approaches the kioks to learn more.

0 – Approaching the kiosk, the user is attracted by the number personalisation tool, which is highlighted as a key feature.

1 – The user plays with the number selection tool.

1 – The user enters a competition to bid for their number.

2 – Having chosen their product and registered through the app.

3 – The user verify his ID/Passport and credit card

3 – The user authorizes the monthly payment on their credit card

4 – The user pick up a SIM card and insert into their phones

4 – The user scans the QR code and the sim is activated for immediate use

5 – The user is encouraged to change or customize their plan even more

Once the blueprint of the service was defined, the environment design team started the ideation process of the physical touch point in order to facilitate and support the activation of the service, ‘making your life easier’ and ‘different from the rest’.

We wanted to create a unique customer experience, with a new sales system that would give the users control and customization of the service. With that in mind, we decided to digitally humanize the experience of customization and activation of a telecom service, by introducing a personal assistant to guide and help the customer going through the journey.

The end result was a suite of stores equipped with interactive screens that help users identify the right mobile plan for them. Users answer simple questions about how they use their phone that generate a suggestion based on the amount of data they consume and the calls they make.

Users can choose their own mobile number, and when ready to purchase, the screen notifies the customer to grab a sales associate. Users not ready to purchase can enter their email address to receive a link to the app where they can continue their search later. These screens require minimal floor space to provide a high level of service.

The intuitive screens begin a journey that can either end in-store or be continued online by downloading the app and requesting the SIM card from wherever you are, providing an omni-channel experience. Meaning that the consumer can move through the activation of Virgin Mobile at their own pace.

Virgin Mobile

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